At KG Biomass Supply Ltd, we believe in taking direct action to create a more sustainable future.  Every project we undertake reflect this commitment, with each initiative designed to promote the use of biomass as a renewable source of energy, restore natural ecosystems, and contribute to community development.

Our projects are expected to provide rural communities with a better standard of living in the light of Sustainable Development goals.

Project site address: AK-863-9215
No 002A Nana Kwadwo Fordjour Street. Oti Light Industrial Area

On going projects


Reforestation Projects

We are currently engaged in an ambitious Degraded Lands Reforestation Projects . Our objective is to conserve biodiversity, mitigate climate change, restore degraded Lands,reduce erosion, and most importantly, sequester carbon through the cultivation of  bamboo  and other short rotation tree species.

Aligned with the commitment to our objectives, the Company has a goal of developing approximately 20,000 hectares of mixed species plantations including bamboo in degraded forests across Ghana apart from the 385 hectares which we are currently developing. A goal that we are well on track to achieve.

Benefits of the Project:

Our plantations are managed under strict framework of climate change benefitting from carbon sequestration and land restoration.  This project plays a crucial role in our commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability. By restoring degraded lands, we are enhancing biodiversity, improving soil health, sequestering carbon, and creating future sources of sustainable biomass. Additionally, this project provides employment opportunities for local communities and enhances their connection with the natural environment.


Briquette manufacturing plant

Our current major initiative is the development of a new Briquette Manufacturing Plant.

This briquette manufacturing facility will be located strategically  at the Oti light industrial area near Sokoban Wood Village in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. This site sits at a locus point of resources being at the proximity of our biomass suppliers.

The plant will be using the unutilized wood and agricultural residues which are usually burnt or sent to landfills.


The project is well underway, with land acquisition and preliminary design completed. The next milestone includes the initiation of construction phase, targeted to begin in the next quarter. This state-of-the-art facility will increase our briquette production capacity, allowing us to meet the growing demand for this clean, renewable energy source.

Benefits of the Product

1. The plant will play a significant role in managing biomass waste, converting it into a valuable source of energy. This will not only provide a sustainable solution for waste management but also contribute to reducing reliance on fossil fuels. The project will also create jobs and stimulate economic growth in the local area, aligning with our core values of community support and sustainable development.

2. KG Biomass shares the global concern about climate change and our planet. With this issue at the forefront of our concerns, significant steps to manage greenhouse gas emissions have been put into place. We are committed to producing energy in the most environmentally and economically sustainable manner, by evaluating and adapting our processes to reduce emissions and waste, conserve energy and natural resources and reduce the potential for environmental impacts from our activities and operations]. Utilizing wastes for briquettes will help combat the Environmental and health hazards due to excess unutilized waste that are burnt or sent to landfills and also help mitigate climate change.

3. Beyond the environmental and energy benefits, the project right from its implementation to commissioning and beyond will stimulate a micro economy and contribute to the socio economic development for women and the youth in the community and the region as a whole.

4. As part of an agreed technical partnership with the Kumasi Technical Institute , the project will facilitate KTI’s WORKPLACE EXPERIENCE PROGRAM through practical research work by students, strengthen faculty, curricula and student development as a whole. This partnership is very paramount to us because we believe that educating these students benefits not just them and the Institute but the company as a whole, since tomorrow’s KGBS engineers and technicians are today’s students.

Through these and future projects, KG Biomass Supply Ltd is dedicated to advancing the cause of sustainable biomass use, ecosystem restoration, and community development. We are excited to share the progress of these initiatives with you as we continue to grow and make a difference in our world.