In the era of increasing environmental consciousness, carbon credits have emerged as a key tool in the global effort to combat climate change. Carbon credits are essentially a form of tradable certificate that gives the holder the right to emit one ton of carbon dioxide or the equivalent amount of other greenhouse gases. They are part of international agreements designed to mitigate the growth in concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Companies that reduce their greenhouse gas emissions below their allotted quota can sell their excess allowances as carbon credits. These credits can then be purchased by businesses and individuals to offset their own carbon footprints or to meet regulatory requirements for emission reductions.

At KG Biomass, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices and reducing carbon emissions through our reforestation projects and our proposed briquette production project.

KG Biomass leases degraded Lands from Forestry Commission of Ghana for reforestation for the purpose of generating carbon credits for sale.


1)Develop approximately a plantation of 20,000 ha of bamboo and other tree species on degraded lands leased for 50 years from the Forestry Commission’s in phases between  2025 and 2030. This will be in addition to the existing 385 ha currently being developed.

2) To produce about 6 tons/h of solid briquettes from bamboo prunings, saw dust and coconut husk.

Our Degraded Land Reforestation Projects plays a key role in our carbon credit strategy. By reforesting degraded lands, we are effectively sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, a process that results in the generation of carbon credits. In fact, since the project’s inception, we have been able to produce a substantial amount of carbon credits, contributing significantly to global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Briquette Manufacturing Plant shall also contribute to this initiative. The briquettes which are a renewable source of energy, shall reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and consequently reducing carbon emissions. Moreover, the biomass waste to be used for the production of briquettes also helps in carbon sequestration.

Partnerships in Biomass Supply and Carbon Credit Development

At KG Biomass Supply Ltd, we understand the power of collaboration. We are eager to partner with like-minded entities who share our commitment to sustainable development, renewable energy, and the fight against climate change.

We are open to a range of partnership formats, from joint ventures and strategic alliances to research collaborations. Together, we can create innovative solutions that advance our shared objectives and make a meaningful impact on the planet. Please get in touch with us to explore how we can work together towards a sustainable future.

If you are interested in the development or trading in carbon credits, exploring opportunities in the biomass supply chain, we invite you to join us.