Welcome to KG BIOMASS SUPPLY LTD, where we are paving the path for a brighter future through the power of biomass. As a leader in Biomass Supply Chain management in Ghana, we’re making a mark in the Renewable Energy Industry while also sustainably mitigating the impact of climate change.

Our Vision: To revolutionize the Biomass Supply Chain sector in Ghana and establish ourselves as a frontrunner in this emerging industry. We strive to make a considerable difference in climate mitigation through innovative solutions, all while fostering economic growth and improving lives.

Our Mission: Our goal is to organize a sustainable Biomass Supply chain that connects source to potential buyers while reducing environmental impacts. We transform wood and agricultural waste, usually burnt or sent to landfills, into a resourceful element that aids in job creation, poverty alleviation, and sustainable economic growth.

At KG BIOMASS SUPPLY LTD, we understand that sourcing quality biomass can be time-consuming and challenging. We eliminate this burden by dealing with multiple suppliers, ensuring a steady and efficient flow of biomass for our customers, allowing them to focus on building their own market for green energy rather than worrying about Biomass availability.

We’re excited to meet the growing demand for climate-friendly alternative fuels, and we invite you to join us on this journey.

 Learn more about our operations, the potentials we’re tapping into, and our contribution to the Renewable Energy Industry in Ghana.

 Let’s move together towards a future where energy is green, efficient, and sustainable.


The project has secured development support through technical assistance programs and cooperation agreements with the underlisted: