Let’s Go Green


      At KG Biomass Supply Ltd, our operations are divided into various specialized departments, each playing a crucial role in delivering exceptional service to our customers. Our commitment to enhancing renewable energy in Ghana has led us to develop a wide range of services, which are all tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.


      Our Biomass Supply Chain Department is dedicated to managing the entire lifecycle of our biomass products, from sourcing and processing to delivery. We work tirelessly to ensure our supply chain is efficient, sustainable, and reliable, meeting the high standards expected by our clients.


      KG Biomass leases degraded forest lands from the Forestry Commission for reforestation and Carbon Sequestration initiatives. We are currently developing about 385 hectares of degraded lands located in the Boufuom Forest Reserve (Kumawu Forest District) and the Tinte Bepo Forest Reserve (Mankranso Forest District). In addition, we are in the process of acquiring 20,000 hectares in the Buru Forest Reserves dedicated to furthering our reforestation and carbon sequestration efforts.  Our target for next year is to embark on the reforestation of these 20,000 hectares of degraded Lands between 2025 and 2030..

      Our Forestry Department plays a vital role in sourcing and managing our Biomass materials.. We prioritize sustainability in all our forestry activities, practicing responsible forestry management. This includes planting new trees and ensuring the longevity of our forests and the preservation of biodiversity.


      Our Briquette Supply Department is focused on delivering high-quality biomass briquettes for energy generation. Made from compacted biomass waste, these briquettes offer a clean, efficient, and renewable source of energy. They are suitable for a variety of uses, from cooking to powering industrial processes.


      With these specialized departments, KG Biomass Supply Ltd offers a comprehensive set of services designed to support and enhance the use of biomass as a renewable energy source in Ghana. Each department plays a crucial role in our mission, contributing to the overall success of our company and the satisfaction of our clients


      Our diverse range of products reflects the breadth of our services at KG Biomass Supply Ltd. Each department offers unique products, all of which are developed with our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction in mind.


      Our Biomass Supply Chain Department oversees the supply of various forms of biomass for different energy needs. From the raw materials needed for large-scale energy production to processed biomass for use in homes and businesses, we cater to all.


      Bamboo: Our forestry department carefully cultivates and supply  bamboo culms, a fast-growing and renewable source of biomass. Bamboo is versatile and can be used for various purposes, including construction, manufacturing, and even as a source of biomass energy. Its rapid growth rate makes it a highly sustainable choice.

      Teak Poles: We also supply both treated and untreated teak poles. Teak is known for their durability and strength, these poles are perfect for construction and furniture-making and as electricity poles


      As part of our revegetation services, we provide exotic and indegenous bamboo and tree seedlings for land restoration projects. Our Revegetation Services are a testament to our commitment to environmental responsibility.We work with businesses and communities to restore degraded lands, planting native species to improve soil health, increase biodiversity, and sequester carbon. By doing this, we not only enhance the local environment but also create additional sources of biomass.


      Briquettes: Our briquette supply department offers high-quality biomass briquettes. These compacted blocks of biomass waste provide a clean, efficient, and sustainable source of energy. They burn longer and more steadily than traditional firewood, making them an excellent choice for cooking and energy generation in both residential and industrial settings.

      KG Biomass Supply Ltd is proud to offer this range of products to our clients. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer service is evident in every item we produce.