1. Bamboo Plantation

KG Biomass leases deforested lands from Forestry Commission for reforestation purposes. These deforested lands are for the cultivation of bamboo . We are currently cultivating bamboo in 2 compartments situated at Buofoum Forest reserve in the Kumawu Forest district and in the Tinte Bepo Forest reserve in the Mankranso Forest district.

2. Aggregation and supply of biomass

KGBS creates value by organizing the contracting, logistics, surge storage, shredding, and mixing of multiple biomass feedstock streams to meet the specific needs of emerging bio-energy generators domestically as well as the international markets.

We handle the frustrations associated with dealing with multiple suppliers to enable our customers focus upon building their own market for green energy rather than worrying about biomass availability.

3. Briquette manufacturing

KG Biomass Supply Limited is in the process of developing a briquette manufacturing factory. The factory will be strategically located at Oti Industrial Area near Sokoban wood village in the Asokwa Municipalities in the Ashanti Region. A land has been acquired for the purpose and very impressive milestones have been achieved.